Silver Trollbeads Bracelet
Silver Trollbeads Bracelet

Silver Trollbeads Bracelet

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The oxidized Sterling silver bracelet has been masterfully handcrafted into Trollbeads' signature foxtail chain. The Foxtail chain consists of joints that are not soldered together, which makes the chain very flexible.

Length guide: The sizes below, indicated in length, includes a lock. Therefore, if you require a 7.9 inch bracelet, choose 7.9 inch. We will send you a 7.1 in chain and when you add a lock your bracelet will measure 7.9 in.

Locks are sold separately.

Gift Tip: Size 18 cm / 7.1",19 cm / 7.5", 20 cm / 7.9" fits most.

  • Item No.: Sterling Silver Bracelet
  • Weight: 5.00 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925